Gulf Coast Metal Sales is a family-owned metal service center geared to petrochemical and related industries on the Texas Gulf Coast. Our company has been selling and distributing metal across the region for over forty years. We are very interested in becoming one of your suppliers in our many product areas. We are prepared to give you excellent service on a twenty-four hour basis. Please do not hesitate to call or request a quote!

Our staff is fluent in Spanish (hablamos español).

Our product lines include the following items:

  • SAE 660 Bronze (Bars, Tubing, and Special Castings)
  • Aluminum Bronze (Bars, Tubing, and Special Castings)
  • Brass (Free Cutting and Naval)
  • Stainless (Rounds, Hex, Flat, Angles, and Plate)
  • Copper (Bus Bar and Sheets)
  • Hot Finished Carbon and Alloy Bars (1018, 1045, 4130, 4140, 8620, 4340)
  • Cold Finished Carbon Bars (C-1018 & 1144 Stress Relieved)
  • Centrifugal Castings (Stainless, Bronze, and Ni-Resist)
  • Cast/Ductile Iron (Tubing and Solid Bars)
  • Oilite Bronze (Tubing and Solid Bars)

Note: This is not a full product listing. For special orders or more detail on the products listed please contact one of our sales representatives.